As much has been happening in the way of Hollywood and the courts, we have decided to condense coverage into a round-up.

First, Harvey Weinstein lost his bid to have a defamation lawsuit brought by Ashley Judd against the fallen former movie mogul. This after a judge required Judd's suit to only be about the defamation she alleges – which she says stymied her ability to land a part in The Lord of the Rings – and excluding the sexual harassment she also alleges, saying the incident in question did not rise to the legal threshold of workplace sexual harassment. The judge's full ruling on Judd's suit can be read here. Weinstein also has another case of sexual assault being brought against him by Scotland Yard and his dealings with the Israeli spy firm Black Cube are being investigated by the feds.

Second, Bill Cosby lost his bid to have the judge in his rape case (of which he was found guilty) recused or replaced. Read the repudiation of Cosby's motion here. Cosby's sentencing is next week starting Monday 24 September.

Last in our round-up, Asia Argento has threatened Rose McGowan for her statement urging Argento to "be the person you wish Harvey could've been" after the recent allegations that Argento sexually assaulted child actor and musician Jimmy Bennett when he was 17. Argento settled with Bennett for the sum of $380,000 – something she alleged was her late boyfriend Anthony Bourdain's idea. Argento later alleged that it was Bennett who attacked her. Argento is accusing McGowan of "deception, fraud, coercion, and libel."