You know, it's really nice to see a documentary about pornography that doesn't approach the subject with a militant political bias. Unlike some of the film's contemporaries which attack even the idea of porn straight off the bat, drawing in people to interview who you'd expect to see glorified on Fox News or parodied in an episode of Parks and Recreation, Hot Girls Wanted's personal and small-scale approach to the controversial industry feels refreshing and honest.

Chronicling the experience of a group of young women attempting to break into the business of amateur porn (professionally shot content manipulated to come across as if the people involved are regular, unassuming young adults filming home videos), the documentary balances its biases, showing both the seductive and powerful aspects of the industry as well as its much more well-reported seedier underbelly.

By filming the experiences of these girls while they're just starting out all the way through to their final days in the business, Hot Girls Wanted never misses a beat to present the honest day-to-day reality of working in the porn industry. The approach is simple and unassuming yet feels much more rewarding than if it were an overarching view of the subject, regurgitating information everyone already knows. Using a wide array of different filming techniques, from regular talking head interviews to home recordings of Skype phone calls, Hot Girls Wanted makes a real attempt to humanise the people it's documenting, and for the most part its ability to strike up a personal connection with the audience is a resounding success.

More importantly, the documentary forefronts its characters over the subject matter, with any insights on the porn industry coming directly from their own first hand experiences. From their humble beginnings and naïve aspirations after only a few weeks working the shoots right down to facing the broken reality of their situation as little as a few months later, the women featured in Hot Girls Wanted come across as genuine and familiar; regular teenage girls trying to hold down a day-to-day job just like anyone else their age.

While the film remains impartial, it becomes obviously apparent that these girls are being manipulated and used, swallowed up in a career of exploitation they're too young to fully understand. Thankfully the film doesn't position its subjects as helpless victims, but natural and well-rounded people conflicted with the unique path they've chosen to go down. By appealing to everyone's fantasy of escaping as a late-teen to build a career and forge a life on their own, Hot Girls Wanted presents a familiarity in ideals between the film's porn stars and the audiences' own desires for autonomy and success.

However the character-driven film occasionally stumbles in parts, especially in its obsession to find a narrative. While the documentary starts out as mostly an overview as to the whys and hows of people who find themselves working in porn, the second half focuses more on specific women and their personal conflicts, as well as opening a discussion around the ethics and allure of the more hardcore side of the industry. As a result the movie's second half feels much stronger than the first, as the genuinely stimulating questions about the insulting depiction of women - whether faked or not - that's rampantly prevalent over popular websites such as Latin Abuse, offers an intriguing and reflective look into the deeper psychology of porn flicks in general.

Although, because the movie commits to a specific narrative only in the second half, creating an introspective look at systems rarely ever thought about when discussions of porn pop up, it sadly only serves to weaken and highlight the inconsistency of the film overall. Even then though, the disparate structure of the film doesn't detract too much from the value of the ethical discussions and character interrogation that makes the film such an intriguing watch.

Regardless of these slight niggles, this Netflix exclusive is a solid documentary and an interesting look into a world that's too often maligned by political and cultural ridicule. By cutting away all that baggage and pretence, Hot Girls Wanted manages to provide both an honest and detailed look into the personal effects this controversial industry can have on young, new upstarts.