They made the books into movies, because there's always a movie. And sure, they split the last one into two parts to give it the ending it deserved. And there were spin-off books because charity is good. This was all fine because with each addition and twitter revelation it felt like the Harry Potter universe became a little richer. But now we have the screenplay of the studio tour of the website, and JK Rowling retconning plot and character details in left, right and centre, and I'm just left wondering whether this is actually adding anything more. Other than serious dollar, of course.

Harry Potter is in danger of becoming Star Wars in 1999 - under the creative control of one person with a huge and hungry fanbase and no one who will say no to them.

Cursed Child

I'm all for innovation and unique approaches to storytelling just in case you thought I was being a miser. Pottermore allowed us to enter and interact with the wizarding world in a completely new way; who doesn't love getting a wand and being sorted into a House (Ravenclaw, obvs). Embracing technology and enhancing how we experience stories is always going to be a good thing, however adapting it for a different medium just for its own sake and without any creative need runs the risk of becoming a crass commercialisation and will ultimately leave the audience feeling exploited.

Take Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. There's now going to be a book of the screenplay of the first movie of the trilogy of the spin-off book, which itself was based on a textbook that featured in the original series. Sure, adapting something into different media allows the creator to bring something new to the story - a movie can achieve things a novel can't, and likewise with a play. But what will the audience get from reading the screenplay of the film they have most likely already seen?

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

We've reached a point where franchises are pretty much guaranteed. Sequels to blockbusters are announced before they're even released and we can don't seem to go a year without something being unnecessarily rebooted, updated, or "re-imagined" (side-eye Jumanji). It's far safer to stick to a franchise with an established audience and demand than take a risk on something new.

Unlike George Lucas, JK Rowling clearly hasn't reached the end of the road with Harry Potter and she's not entirely working in a vacuum. She does listen to and communicate with her fans and her twitter feed of retcons and revelations at least legitimise the diversity and representation that could easily be edited out of her work (yay black Hermione).

While we're still a way off from seeing Harry Potter and the Broken Trade Embargo, with each addition to this juggernaut of a franchise there's the risk that it will devalue the original series. So, JK Rowling, with all the love I have for you and your creation, I think it's time to silencio.