A new teaser for Netflix's House of Cards final season confirms what many had suspected regarding lead character Frank Underwood's ultimate fate.

After initial revelations about star Kevin Spacey sexual assaulting various under age males over the years have been coming to light (the L.A. District Attorney's office recently declined a case against the fallen actor, another against Steven Seagal, and yet another against Anthony Anderson), he – in any and every big screen form (his last movie Billionaire Boys Club grossed a bit over $618 total its opening weekend – over the 11 theaters it launched in in the U.S.) – became utterly toxic.

Ergo, the only way to get rid of him effectively was to kill his House of Cards character – a fate which has now been confirmed by the below teaser from Netflix. This leaves Robin Wright's character Claire Underwood to presumably rule unimpeded by the only person on Earth more ruthless than her (sans Machiavelli): her late husband.

Catch the final season of House of Cards November 2 on Netflix.