IMAX is bringing virtual reality to a UK cinema for the first time as Manchester's Odeon will soon allow people to purchase sessions and step inside a new world.

"You go into these pods, each one will have a headset in, you'll put it on and we will have varied programming. When we open one of the things we will have is the Walking Dead," Richard Gelfond, the CEO of the American visuals firm said. The company is currently working on a number of experiences, including movies, that are entirely VR related. "Over time the plan is to have content that is related to a movie that's showing there. You could do it before you go to the movie, after you go to the movie, or never go to the movie."

There will be six pilot centres around the world for these VR experiences, including The Manchester Printworks Odeon. Gelfond says the company is currently figuring out the cost but it looks like each experience will ring in at around £8-£10 and last five to fifteen minutes.