While she may not have a magical hammer like Thor or the ability to shoot lasers from her hands like Iron Man, Black Widow has been a legit fan favorite in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) since first appearing in The Avengers (2012). Played by Scarlet Johansson in every film thus far, Black Widow (real name Natasha Romanoff) has proved her worth numerous times throughout her MCU career with her significant fighting skills and knack for connecting with the other Avengers on a personal level.

We’ll get to see Scarlett kick some alien butt again when Infinity War: Endgame is released this year in April, but after that, the world will finally witness a solo Black Widow film. There is scant news so far, but here’s what we do know:

The director is confirmed

Australian director Cate Shortland will take the reins on the PG-13 Black Widow movie, with a screenplay by Jac Schaeffer and Ned Benson. Shortland has already made waves with films that focus on strong female characters, including Lore (2012) and Somersault (2004). As other hugely successful female-led superhero movies like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel have been directed by women, the decision to take Shortland is most certainly the right choice.

Origin story

This is perhaps not so surprising, but the Black Widow movie will definitely focus on her origins as a spy in the KGB and later spy for S.H.I.E.L.D. It's uncertain which other Avengers could pop up in the film, yet previous MCU entries have alluded to the fact that Black Widow has had a strong relationship in the past (though perhaps not a romantic link) with bow and arrow expert, Hawkeye. Actor Sebastian Stan, who played Bucky Barnes, a.k.a The Winter Soldier, is interested in joining the project, as apparently the comics had Barnes train the young Natasha Romanoff.

A lot of casting rumors

Everyone's favorite female wizard, Emma Watson, is heavily rumored to join the Black Widow movie, but the only official roles so far have gone to Johansson and fantastic up-and-comer Florence Pugh (star of the hit 2019 WWE film, Fighting with My Family). David Harbour is also aboard, with Rachel Weisz in talks as of this writing.

Red hair will be back

Black Widow might be a blonde in Avengers: Infinity War, but previously, she's had hair as red as fire. The hairstyles have differed greatly over the years – from short and curly to long and sleek – but we'll definitely see her flaming locks back for the origin film. Without a ton of badass female characters with red hair to look up to, it could be said that Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson is solely responsible for the popularity spike of girls using red hair dye to get on-board the rising trend.

Scarlett is getting a payday

Johansson is reported to earn a whopping $15 million for the film, which is deservedly the same as the salaries of fellow MCU stars like Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor). Johansson is still one of the highest grossing female actors of all time.

Release date unknown

Even with all this info, a release date is still unspecified. 2021 is looking like the most likely time to release, but this is all speculation. As the movie is not currently filming and post-production and marketing certainly take their time, 2021 seems probable at this moment.