If the thought of an Emoji movie has crossed the mind, it wasn't so much an "If?" as it was a "When?" Admit it. There's already a movie about '80s arcade games killing us, why is an Emoji movie a big stretch?

Enter Sony Pictures Animation, who recently won the rights to use Emojis in what would, yes, be for a film. Writing responsibilities for the new project, which has very little details available - including a projected release date - belong to duo Anthony Leondis and Eric Siegel. The former's work credits include directing forgotten animated dud Igor and the latter has written for a few now cancelled TV shows. So, they can only go up.

Realistically, when the movie rights for properties that sound utterly ridiculous get passed around, the news of the ridiculousness is much larger than the actual project. This could very well be a straight-to-home cartoon that no one will notice beyond today. But, today, you can still technically say, "Hey, they're making an Emoji movie."