It has been quite the record-breaker at the box office. Just a few of the records it has smashed: biggest opening for an R-rated film, largest opening for a horror film in the United States, best preview night for a horror film (coming it at $13.5 million), best opening for a film based on a book, best September and Imax opening for a horror film, and best opening ever for a New Line Cinema release. It has already grossed close to $500 million world-wide, and in the United States, it booted The Exorcist from the largest grossing horror film spot (with $266.1M) late last week.

With all the clown and Stephen King fever in the air (indeed, 2017 seems to be the “Year of King”), Warner Bros. and New Line announced yesterday that the It sequel will be released September 6, 2019.

The It Sequel will focus on the second half of the King novel, and also be directed by Andy Muschietti: The Losers' Club, 27 years in the future, when they have grown and moved away – yet, will what happen when a mysterious and foreboding phone call brings them back together?

The 405 will absolutely bring you more on the It sequel as we hear it. For now, enjoy Alexandra Howard and Mickey Ralph’s joint examination of It here in #405ExitSurvey, and the IT – Float Cinematic VR Experience here.