Welcome to The 405 Film Club: a series of recommendations from musicians, filmmakers, producers, artists, writers and a million other "creatives". James Madden from Hooton Tennis Club thinks you should watch Vincent Gallo's cult hit Buffalo '66. We couldn't agree more.

My bestie painter friend Adam turned me onto Buffalo '66 back in our university years in Manchester. Adam, during these years, was basically a film guru as he has a really, really fucking good taste in films and lots of other stuff. Any film I'd recommended to him, they'd be no doubt he had watched it already. I'd cry at him 'Where and when did you watch all these films, I only know Adam Sandler type films?!' I think he got pretty sick of me interrogating him.

Anyway, when I was short of films to watch he'd write me a list of at least five or so films. At the top of one of the lists was Buffalo '66 by Vincent Gallo (writer, director and protagonist in the film). It's about this cool but shy guy from New York who has been unjustly imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. His family, amazingly, are totally unaware that their sweet baby boy has fucked up. Unsure how to break it to his family, he decides to kidnap a young dancer and forces her to be his wife so his family think he's this successful guy who's done well for himself. The kidnapped tap dancer eventually falls for his bad-boy antics which leads to his unwillingness to love anyone or anything to be tested.

I don't want to give much more away so I'll leave it at it's 'Really, really good'. After watching I was searching 'Red Leather Winkle Pickers' on Ebay. The film also has an incredible soundtrack. Lots of sweet songs and some prog-rock hits from the likes of King-Crimson and Yes.

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