Jordan Peele's brilliant feature film debut Get Out has become 2017's most profitable film so far, according to The Wrap. The math, which is done by comparing a film's return to the capital initially invested in it, shows that the modern horror/thriller masterpiece has generated a whole 630%, with M. Night Shyamalan‘s Split coming in second with 610%. The Beauty and the Beast, for example, is the year's highest grossing film so far, but doesn't make it to the list due to its enormous budget -- $160 million to Get Out's $4.5.

As the first Oscars predictions start to circulate around the internet, Get Out is also being seen as a serious contender, notably in the Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Director categories. However, and given the Academy Awards' usual snubbing of horror (Kubrick's The Shining failed to receive nominations), there are still loads of possibilities to be considered -- including films like Aronofsky's mother! which haven't even hit the theatres yet.