The Sesame Workshop (parent company of Sesame Street) took a hit in court yesterday when a New York judge ruled against them in their suit over the up-coming Melissa McCarthy movie The Happytime Murders.

U.S. District Judge Vernon Broderick said the film can continue using the "No Sesame. All Street." Tagline for the film's marketing.

The company behind The Happytime Murders, STX Films, released another statement, also attributed to "Fred, Esq.":

"We fluffing love Sesame Street and we're obviously very pleased that the ruling reinforced what STX's intention was from the very beginning — to honor the heritage of The Jim Henson Company's previous award-winning creations while drawing a clear distinction between any Muppets or Sesame Street characters and the new world Brian Henson and team created. We believe we accomplished that with the very straightforward NO SESAME, ALL STREET tagline. We look forward to continued happytimes as we prepare to release Happytime Murders this summer."