Adam Field, former co-president of Relativity Media, was awarded $8.44 million in damages by an arbitration judge ruled that Relativity faked the memo it presented in which seven women accused Field of sexual harassment.

The fraudulent memo was a product of a breach-of-contract suit against Relativity and its founder Ryan Kavanaugh filed in early 2017 by Field which ultimately went into arbitration. Relativity then produced the memo, supposedly authored by then managing-director Carol Genis.

Genis denied creating the memo at the arbitration and said she was unaware of any allegations of sexual harassment against Field.

Meanwhile, Field's attorney accused Relativity of "trying to explit the #MeToo movement" in the filing.

Kavanaugh's spokesperson shot back: "This arbitration was not about Adam's sexual harassment or predatory behavior. To attempt to mute the accounts of multiple women, which took a lot of courage and with a lot to lose by sharing their own independent accounts of what can only be described as horrific and predator-like behavior by Adam Fields against them, by inferring this arbitration was in any way related to those accusations is truly sick and just wrong."