The weekend. A time where you hang about on Netflix for longer than is needed; stuck in the constant struggle to find the perfect film. Don't deny it, you do it too. Your cursor highlights a recent Nicolas Cage film but you move on as you don't want to offend anyone else in the room. Instead of doing that, show a film that everyone can agree on.

John Hammond

Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park is an absolute classic, there's no doubting that but what if, what if I told you there is something better out there that takes the same storyline, dialogue and music but replaces the actors with kids? Well, my friends, you are in luck.


Back in 2002, Hudson Film created their own version of the film using friends, family, action figures and a hi-8 camcorder. Turn your Chromecast up to 11 and show your friends the blockbuster remake that never way as Jurassic Park gets sweded.

It's the full movie and it's a brilliant one at that. Sit back and enjoy. I certainly am right now as I wait for the 'Clever Girl' line