Fans of NBC's Hannibal have quietly enjoyed one of television's out-and-out best dramas over the past three years. Which is more than enough reason why they were so upset when the critically-praised behemoth, created by Bryan Fuller, ended up getting axed by the often misguided NBC programming. Last week marked the end of its third and final season with the network, topping off with a shocking new track from Siouxsie Sioux.

'Love Crime' came together with the help of the show's composer Brian Reitzell, an adamant fan of Sioux's solo group work with Sioux And The Banshees. And despite the show's impending cancellation and budget restrictions, NBC and Sky (which broadcasts the show in the UK) agreed to divvy up funds for the track, according to TV Guide. Lucky, despite the financial and ratings difficulties, the networks were big enough fans to provide the final financing.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Reitzell explained, "Siouxsie hasn’t even stepped foot in a studio for eight years, and she said that this piece was the first thing that she heard that inspired her to do anything. And the good news is that I’m going to do a few more tracks with her. I’ve written a few more, and we’re not sure how we’re going to release the track, and that’s kind of unfortunate, but it will be out. We’ll get it out there somehow, soon."

Listen to 'Love Crime' below and look out for which outlet takes on Hannibal next, hopefully.

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