Although the Tribeca Film Festival may be over, the season for summer rom coms are ready to light up. Safe to say, rom coms can either run towards cliches or stumble across characters trying to be likeable. In that case, Ryan Eggold is not afraid to defy such conventions with Literally Right Before Aaron, which he produces, writes and directs.

Adam (Justin Long) is dumped by his longtime ex-girlfriend Allison (Cobie Smulders), who tells him that she is planning to marry her new boyfriend Aaron (Ryan Hansen). While Adam is the type of guy whom you want to feel sorry for, he is the type of guy whose dorky charm usually invites sympathy. Not only can he draw in some "Aww, shucks" platitudes, his behaviour can either make him a "charming" man or a complete "asshole".

While this character is not an easy one to play, Long masters the role with finesse. From failing to start a conversation with a bridesmaid (Charlotte McKinney) to ditching his date (Kristen Schaal), Long's Adam cannot move on from the past. Even while Aaron tries to bond with Adam, the latter is unable to hide his disdain for the former. To make things worse, Adam ruins Allison's wedding.

If you and I have to come up with our evaluation of Adam, he is petty, annoying and unlikeable. His behaviour is no excuse for the fact that he is playing the victim. In that case, our sympathy is redirected towards Allison, whose intentions to remain friends with her ex goes horribly wrong.

Overall, Eggold's cue is to show rather than tell. In spite of most movies, the emotions drive the story. If you are more of a "show, don't tell" type of person, this movie is for you. If you want a more light-hearted comedy with a lot of rip-roaring dialogue, Literally Right Before Aaron is not the movie for you.