Crime. Crime is bad ok but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy gangster movies where crime is prevalent. Just don’t think that leaving the cinema and acquiring the nearest petrol-powered motor that isn't yours won’t land you in serious jeopardy. Possibly even double jeopardy (Ashley Judd, what a film). Ben Affleck's latest directorial effort. Not content with winning an Oscar for Argo or playing Batman, Affleck plays Joe Coughlin, a WWI veteran who descends down a risky path into a world of crime and, if you've seen the trailer, a world of throwing people off buildings whilst they are still flailing about. Come on now Ben, who even does that.

If like me you are looking forward to the film’s release, Warner Bros. have made available a featurette talking about the film, Bat-fleck and more. Check it out now (or on your lunch).

Live By Night is released in UK cinemas January 13.