So-and-so is releasing a new five-track EP in a few months, your problematic fave dropped a pretty risque new video and that washed up band that no one has even thought of for a good decade now, has decided to reunite and head out on a world tour. These are the things I need to post at a fervent pace, to not only keep up with the over-saturated blogosphere, but to harness the steady stream of emails that will inevitably continue their high-pressured pursuit into my inbox all hours of the day for the remainder of the week, (and probably on the weekend too, depending on the publicist.)

So to combat the rat-race, we're offering a content compromise in the form of our new daily column, Live From The Gutter - an afternoon recap of the day's press releases and the contents of my 405 email.

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Our Girl announce debut EP and share 'Being Around'

Brighton trio, Our Girl are going to release their first EP. Normally will be released on November 18 and it is comprised of four tracks, including 'Being Around,' which they unleashed today. "Lots of the songs are about emotional distance - not knowing what someone else is thinking, and how that can make you feel crazy. It can cloud my judgment to the point that shrugging it off as indifference is the easiest thing to do. Although it still reflects those feelings of self-doubt, Being Around is probably the most hopeful song on the EP. It focuses on the positivity in the relationships I have, and the gratitude and care I have towards those people for being who they are, and being there for me in the way they are,” explains frontwoman and guitarist Soph Nathan.

Sleigh Bells slay new single 'I Can Only Stare'

Electric duo, Sleigh Bells have just a short wait until the release of their new album Jessica Rabbit, which is set for release on November 11. But that hasn't stopped them from releasing new music form it. Today, they've shared new single 'I Can Only Stare,' which was originally premiered by Zane Lowe on Beats 1.

Ricky Eat Acid shares spunky new song 'Nice To See You'

Ricky Eat Acid's euphoric new project Talk To You Soon is all set for release at the end of the month, on Terrible Records. Following the release of 'Hey,' alongside producer Sam Ray, Ricky has shared second song 'Nice To See You.' It's fuzzy and spunky and enough to get you through the rest of the day.

Sneaks delivers oddly incredible animated video for 'Tough Luck'

Let's all take our turns falling in love with Sneaks, who is as strange as wonderful as her new video for Gymnastics' cut 'Tough Love.' "The video is built out of a series of vignettes, each directly playing off the repetition and rhythm in Eva’s beats. Each frame is hand-painted in sumi ink, and then coloured digitally. At the beginning, I listened to the song on repeat, and painted whatever came to mind. Tons of morphy dancing bodies and gestural, abstracting forms. I animated my favourites," director/animator Jamie Wolfe says.

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