Relatively new actress Haley Lu Richardson is the curious if often reserved young girl Casey, works as librarian whilst looking after her recovering drug addict mum and has a fascination with architecture in Columbus, Indiana, where they live and where she eventually meets Jin (John Cho).

Jin is going through a process of his own, as his estranged father is suddenly bed-ridden in a coma, looked after by his younger wife Eleanor (indie queen Parker Posey). Jin and Casey meet in the middle of the night, driving around the city, visiting the city's architectural highlights, smoking cigarettes, gradually opening up to each other to reveal that they are both currently suffering.

This is an enjoyable indie flick, which has the ability to instruct its audience to follow in a slower pace, whilst still retaining interest. It's director Kogonada’s debut feature and he successfully masters the art of subtlety with well-lit, wide angled scenes, the gentle yet ever-evolving plot.