Possibly one of my favourite films of the year, The Florida Project is truly a remarkable film. Sean Baker exceeds even further from his impressive, fiercely captivating sophomore trans-action drama Tangerine. We find precocious Moonee (Brooklyn Prince) and her two friends, spending their days causing mischief around the motel where they all live in Orlando – squalor of an area right outside Disneyland.

The film hones in on Moonee and her experiences with her young mum Halley (Bria Vinaite) living hand to mouth, with the questionable ways Halley resorts to pay the rent – selling cheap perfume to soliciting – all under the watch of proprietor Bobby (Willem Dafoe).

Baker presents to us such clear, vivid imagery which on the surface, is a seemingly pleasant picture, underpinned by a sad and all too real narrative. Everything is incredibly visually rich, Baker ramps up the colour brightness to the max – food franchise shops in the shapes and colours of oranges, burgers and ice creams, the 6-story motel painted in this thick purple. It's all tacky, wacky and completely urban: the epitome of commercialism. Prince steals the show hands down; this level of acting for a child her age is quite astonishing to watch.