An enjoyable family drama, showcasing the complexities of a certain long-term marital relation and their corresponding extra-marital affairs. Mary (Debra Winger) and Michael (Tracey Letts) married in name only, are carrying out extramarital affairs with Robert (Aidan Gillen) and Lucy (Melora Walters) respectively.

As their respective partners start piling on the pressure to abandon their loveless marriage, Mary and Michael instead, by some twist of fate, start to re-engage in sexual activity which rekindles a long-lost buried deep down flame. It's a sweet and intimate movie that reminds of those '80s dramedies which usually featured Winger in her hay-day or one Meryl Streep.

Perhaps it lacks an edge of an indie, but it's still very good and frequently humorous with expectedly top-level acting; raising poignant questions about the validity of long-term monogamy, as well as the prospect of opening things up as a way to salvage a marriage.