This Danish noir is littered with so many reference from Hitchcock to De Palma to Shyamalan; but manages to retain its uniqueness with dashes of Nordic minimalism.

Thelma (Eili Harboe) is an 18-year-old attending university, fleeing the nest from her over-protective parents for the first time. Things don’t go according to plan when she soon realizes that she has special abilities, which are initially masked as psychopathologies. As she meets friends at university and slowly forms an intimate and sexual relationship with Anya (Kaya Wilkins), the pathologies start to intensify and take over: she starts to recognize her supernatural powers and that her parents have been trying to suppress them all along.

Harboe is an impressive lead with her natural approach to the world, she gives the role a certain sadness and vulnerability, and her reserved demeanour hints at a complex inner world. Thelma is a stunning and understated sci-fi thriller that deserves great recognition.