If you took Thelma & Louise, Ghost World, and added a splash of Kick-Ass style action scenes, you have Tiger Girl. In a fun F-you to society, the ethos of the film is summed up by character Tiger: “Politeness is an act of violence – against yourself”.

Focusing on a flourishing friendship between the rebellious Tiger (played by Raw's Ella Rumpf) and quiet security officer in training Vanilla (Maria-Victoria Dragus), they wreak havoc on their city all in the name of rebelling against the authority that has done them wrong in the past. When Vanilla takes things too far and starts to commit crimes just for the sake of it, a rift is created between her and Tiger which leads to destruction, loss, and heartbreak.

Featuring an aggressive female led dance soundtrack, Tiger Girl turns the typical “boys being rebels” narrative on its head for a vivacious feminist romp.