I wanted Wonderstruck to be good as I loved Todd Haynes' previous film Carol; although for some Carol was perhaps too slow. Some elements of Carol are still present in this film, the representation of decades past, and their in-depth, to the minutest detail, depiction of them. In this instance, the story is focused on two decades; the late '70s and the late '20s specifically as two stories. The '20s are painted in black and white and given the silent movie treatment and the '70s in full-blown autumnal colours. The stories revolve around two children, Rose (Millicent Simmonds) and Ben (Oakes Fegley) respectively, both suffering from hearing loss, they have fled their homes, stranded in New York City in a quest to find their long-lost parent.

Granted the film is visually impressive, with an easy to follow plot; although the two parallel strands seem rather separate and disjointed at first – it's not until they converge that momentum kicks in. Julianne Moore of course is a welcome presence and we are also treated to a Michelle Williams cameo. Overall I wasn't sure who this film was meant for. For children? If it is for children, I am not sure what child audiences would watch this, as perhaps it is too convoluted for them.