After announcing his second (calling this one a "long term") haitus from his award-winning FX show Louie, beloved comedian Louis CK mitigated some of the disappointment by releasing a brand new live album, available to listeners for the always loving Pay-What-You-What model.

The entirely audio album was recorded during CK's recent set at Madison Square Garden. It is available, per his website, for a price range between $1 and $85, starting with the standard $5 - the same price for his January comedy album special Live At The Comedy Store. Due to the sound dynamics of the obviously large Madison Square Garden some of the material from the album does indeed overlap from the previous special, however.

The album can be bought via PayPal, Amazon, Dwolla, and BitPay with an email address. The AV Club discovered after the purchase is made, CK leaves a personalized message reading '"you never, ever have to hear from me again," offering an option to receive future notices as well as a "leave me alone forever, you fat idiot" option. Orders for the album can be made here.

Watch a preview of Louis CK's January special Live At The Comedy Store below.