I think it takes a lot of courage and skill to look at one's own past and be able to communicate both the events and the inventions of childhood in such a vivid and honest way. Autobiographical film work is a soft spot for me. - Lucy Dacus

The Fall

It sets the bar for location scouts around the world. The premise is that a man (Lee Pace) is telling a story to a little girl (the cutest little girl who ever lived and probably the best child actor I've ever watched) and the setting switches from the epic adventure he's weaving to the hospital where they both are being treated. It's got a lot of heart and imagination, and unimaginable set design, production design, costume design, cinematography, and locations. - Lucy Dacus

Harold & Maude

It makes you think about death while making you laugh which is not an easy feat to accomplish. Harold is death in the face of life, Maude is life in the face of death. The take away from that movie has stuck with me- that if you're alive, you should enjoy yourself. If I'm lucky enough to grow very old, I hope I'm quite a bit like Maude. - Lucy Dacus

Paris, Texas

I was in love with the Paris, Texas soundtrack by Ry Cooder for years before I ever saw this film. 'Cancion Mixteca' pulls at my heart and makes me want to cry. It's one of those songs that is beautiful and aching and oddly joyful all at once. I was lucky enough to see this film for the first time on the big screen because they were doing a special screening of it at a theater in Austin. When it was over, I hid in a bathroom stall and just wept uncontrollably. - Jess Williamson


Haters can hate, but Clueless rules supreme. Many people don't realize that Clueless is based on the novel Emma by Jane Austen. This movie came out when I was in third grade and I watched it over and over. I can still quote almost every line to this day, and I often reference Clueless when dealing with life's little challenges. - Jess Williamson

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet is creepy, grotesque, and violent but it's also funny, sweet, and dreamy. I credit the scene where Ben lip-syncs to 'In Dreams' as the reason for my deep love of Roy Orbison. There's a feeling I get when I think about Blue Velvet, this particular Lynchian mood, and it bubbles up within me when I'm in certain environments, particularly this one bar near my mom's house in far north Dallas. - Jess Williamson

Mountain View
Mountain View

Jess Williamson's album Heart Song is due out on 4 November via Brutal Honest; she'll be touring with Marissa Nadler in December, check out the dates below.

Thu 15 Dec 2016 Fluc Vienna, Austria
Sat 17 Dec 2016 A38 Budapest, Hungary
Sun 18 Dec 2016 Kino Šiška (Centre for Urban Culture), Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mon 19 Dec 2016 Culture Factory, Zagreb, Croatia
Tue 20 Dec 2016 Bronson, Ravenna, Italy
Wed 21 Dec 2016 Santeria Social Club, Milan, Italy

Lucy Dacus' new album No Burden is out now on Matador Records. Check out her UK tour dates below.

Wed 02 Nov - UK - London - The Waiting Room
Thu 03 Nov - UK - Manchester - Soup Kitchen
Fri 04 Nov - UK - Leeds - Brudenell Games Room