So, you may have noticed that things have been a little quiet around here on The 405 film, but worry not! We haven't disappeared into the Upside Down, we've just had a little rejig. Now that editor Adam Libonatti-Roche has gone into the realm of gaming, The 405 Film has not one, but two new editors! Contestants...come on down!

My name is Wess Haubrich. I am 31 years old and I reside in Quincy, IL (on the Mississippi river) in the United States. I am the head graphic designer for our family business (liquor, beer, and water distribution) in my day job. I am proud and honoured to be the new co-editor (with my colleague Alexandra Howard) of the405’s film section!

My love of film, and real comprehension of it, started with another love of mine: photography. I am a self-taught, award winning, and published fine art photographer. My subjects largely include cemetery statuary (my “memento mori” series), decaying architecture, other urban decay, and rural decay. As my professional site is currently down, much of my photo work can also be found on my Instagram here.

I taught myself to shoot largely through analyzing the great films (and directors) of the past. In the process of this mass and rather frenetic study of film, I acquired quite a bit of knowledge about classic Hollywood, and the shadow and lighting work of film noir particularly attracted me as a photographer. I was asked to contribute to, and from there I started also writing weekly for, and The Nu Romantics Publication (where I also am a contributing editor). While writing for Cinapse, I was contacted by the 405 and asked if I would mind if they reprinted one of my pieces (The Lost Highway piece). I said "go ahead" and from there a professional relationship started.

A list of my 35 favourite films (in no particular order) can be found here. I do not expect us to write about them, although I will be contributing pieces about them. The list should give you a better idea as to my tastes!

I hope to bring an expertise in noir (and in particular, its relevance to today), and also a historical look at film and the true stories that inspire it (my education is in English and history) and a tone of discovery of high caliber new films, and overlooked and forgotten old ones, to the 405.

Hello! I am Alexandra Furssedonn-Howard, you may know me from such features as Witchcraft and Film as Ritual in The Neon Demon and Not So Black and White – Black Metal in Film, along with that John Waters interview which I'm still not quite over (100% the highlight of my career so far). I'm a student at London Southbank University, where I'm about to start the final year of my BA Film Studies.

I was always an artsy kid, never seen without a pack of colouring pens, a book, or making some bizarre paper mache monster, and being an only child I was probably exposed to films a little more mature than I. In my teens I let the world get me down, and neglect all my creative passions, thinking that I had to strive for something that would get me a job. Luckily I had a realisation that enthusiasm is the greatest catalyst for happiness, and I found my way back to film.

The creative in me loves making films, and the geek in me loves absorbing theory and analysing moving image. I see my short films as visual ways of exploring theories – in fact, my dissertation film is to be on Donna Haraway's A Manifesto for Cyborgs. My heart lies in exploring human relationships with technology and nature, and how those will eventually intersect.

Being classically educated in film has given me an intense love for early movements such as German Expressionism, Soviet Montage, and the Nouvelle Vague - and how those have translated into more modern works by those such as David Lynch and Gaspar Noe. You may have also noticed a trend in my work – yes, I am a massive goth. If its got witches or the slightest hint of satanic panic, I'm in.

I'll be occasionally contributing pieces about specific films (Haxan, I'm looking at you), but my main focus as Co-Editor will be ensuring you all get to read high quality content that extends beyond the obvious topics of film journalism, and that you get to learn! Film is a wonderful medium, with a rich and striking history, so rather than just taking it at face value, why not delve a little deeper?

(Also going to take this opportunity to promote the gram, follow me at @doomqveen).

So brace yourself for some in-depth discussions, discoveries of obscure films, and honest reviews. Who knows, we might help you find your new favourite film.