Sam Peckinpah's epic tale of the wild west in the midst of industrialization while an aging group of outlaws look for one final score, 1969's The Wild Bunch, is getting a remake courtesy of Mel Gibson.

Gibson is executive producing and writing the script with Bryan Bagby (L.I.N.X.), while also still working on his WWII drama Destroyer, starring Mark Wahlberg, which is being prepped now.

Peckinpah's original starred William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, and Robert Ryan. It was considered rather violent for its era but is now viewed as a masterpiece of the western. Warner Brothers has been angling for a remake for years and reportedly feels like the project is in the right hands with Gibson.

Stay with The 405 for more on The Wild Bunch remake as we hear it. For now, enjoy the 1969 theatrical trailer below.