Netflix is bringing more interactive television narratives to its bustling line-up.

Viewers may recall the experiments in this kind of interactivity with children’s programming. Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale was really the streaming giant’s first foray into allowing viewers to choose twists in the narrative arc and – ultimately – how it all would end.

Netflix also utilized this set-up in a few episodes of its original Buddy Thunderstuck. Both shows were designed by Netflix to play off the little bit we know of the psychology of individuals who seek out this kind of entertainment.

Which is precisely where the proverbial monkey-wrench gets thrown in. You see, Netflix doesn’t release user data regarding its programming. This makes it rather difficult to get truly good data on any trends that might be there (including Puss in Book and Thunderstruck). Furthermore, past attempts at interactivity in entertainment for grown-ups have kind of fallen into cult-like obscurity.

The results of this experiment still remain to be seen. The interactive options are only available on certain platforms like Roku devices, iOS devices, and smart TVs – it is not yet available on Apple TV or the plain old web.

Netflix has also not yet released any premiere dates. Stay with The 405 for more on that as we hear it.