The 2015 documentary about young adult pornography that premiered at Sundance and subsequently raised a series of questions regarding porn consumption, is being turned into a six-part anthology series by Netflix.

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, produced by Rashida Jones, Jill Bauer and Roma Gradus, promises to deliver an insider look at six true personal stories of people whose relationship with porn was highly affected by the explosion of the internet.

Here's a mini rundown of what to expect:

"One story will follow a young woman who works for Hussie Models, a pro-amateur porn agency out of North Miami Beach. Another story explores the fantasy role-playing aspect of the business. One young woman is a cam girl who feels that she fulfills the role of a psychiatrist: “I’m making a difference.” We’ll also meet some of the men who consume this online fantasy, including one guy who feels that his relationship with a cam model is all he has."

If that has you curious about the miniseries' approach, you should definitely check out this newly-unveiled trailer. All six parts of Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On hit Netflix on April 21st.