There's no shaking the overarching fear of We Are Your Friends, the 2015 EDM box office dud from Catfish director Max Joseph starring Zach Efron. But for the fantastically failing bravado from Joseph, Netflix isn't giving up on the chance to make a great movie from electronic music completely.

Writer and director Christopher Louie's newest film XOXO tackles the genre once again, but with a different tilt than that We Are Your Friends pomp of personality-less motivation. The film stars Graham Phillips (The Good Wife) as Ethan, a very young, promising producer who gets thrown into an electronic music festival before he's even begun to perform live. Paired with Phillips is Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland, playing the fluttering love interest Krystal. Alongside is comedian and actor Chris D'Elia (Undateable), playing the curmudgeon audience - apparently - who seems pretty apprehensive to the whole experience.

The film is set for release August 26th.

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