New film Nice & Rough is looking to pay homage to the legendary Black women of the 50s and 60s, who helped birth rock n roll and never get the credit. Director Sheila Dianne Jackson takes a look at polarising artists like Joyce Kennedy and Betty Davis in her brand new documentary.

"This amazing project is about the daring, outrageous, soulful women who, despite what anyone thinks, are called to rock. After more than 5 years of interviews, I realize this film is also about me. I have always been driven by mission, ‘my calling’, a passion that I am not capable of giving up, no matter what others think. It's time for this story to be told. Not just for me or for these ladies, but for everyone who wants the freedom to pursue their goals, and not be limited by gender or race," Jackson said.

In order to get the film on its feet, she is asking for crowdfunding assistance. More information about the film and how to help can be found here.