Director Nicolas Winding Refn’s (Drive, The Neon Demon) new website will be “an unadulterated cultural expressway of the arts,” which will “create a modern idea of what cinema will become.” It does this by creating a space full of FREE media, including essays, streaming films, photography, and many other kinds of art.

byNWR.comvisit the site now to be signed up for its newsletter – will be launching Feb. 2018, with the following mission statement: “byNWR shares Nicolas Winding Refn’s passion for the rare, the forgotten and the unknown, breathing new life into the culturally intriguing and influential. Quarterly volumes of content divide into three monthly chapters, each featuring a fully-restored film. These revived cinematic gems inspire a wealth of original content, curated by special Guest Editors.”

The first volume of curated content – “Regional Renegades: Exploitation Gems from the Southern USA” – is curated by Jimmy McDonough, who collaborated with Refn on a poster compilation book called “The Art of Seeing”. Content in “Regional Renegades” will include Bert Williams’ 1965 b-movie horror piece The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds, a restored version of Shanty Tramp from 1967, and a feature look at Texas director Dave Berry.

Film periodical Little White Lies is curating the second volume, “Restored and Rediscovered Classics of American Cinema.” “Restored and Rediscovered Classics” will include a restored version of Curtis Harrington’s Night Tide from 1961 – this is Dennis Hopper’s debut film in a starring role. The volume will also include the Appalachian neorealist drama Spring Night, Summer Night – marking its first wide release ever.

Check out the site’s newsletter for more information, and stay with The 405 for more on this most interesting project for the cinephile.