While the legion of internet cretins have been running around angry over the upcoming female-led sequel to the beloved Ghostbusters, another pot of recent movie nostalgia has been stirred, perhaps with a little less excitement.

Sony Pictures announced it has ordered a remake of the 1995 child hit Jumanji, as well as two sequels to the Bad Boys series.

The original Jumanji, based off the 1981 children's book by Chris Van Allsburg, starred the late Robin Williams in one of his more memorable roles. One so memorable, in fact, that it spurned a now very ironic meme about nostalgia itself. There's little word on what Sony plans with the remake, but an initial release date has been set for Christmas 2016.

As for the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence-led action comedy series Bad Boys, two sequels have been scheduled for 2017 and 2019, but it's unclear whether the two original leads or original director Michael Bay will be returning for the project. The last installment to the series was in 2003, which despite receiving harrowingly bad critical reviews at the time, has become somewhat of a cult movie favorite. Lest anyone forgets the most seminal cinematic moment of the 2000s.