Jerry Heller claims the critically acclaimed rap biopic depicts him in an unfairly negative light, including portraying him as the architect of the rap group's breakup. The former NWA manager has filed a $110m defamation lawsuit against the makers of the film as a result, as well as for the use of details from his memoirs without his consent.

Heller also allegedly never gave permission to use his name or likeness for the negative portrayal in the film, according to a suit filed last week at the Los Angeles superior court. Paul Giamatta plays Jerry Heller in Straight Outta Compton, a character that can be viewed as the origin of the conflict between NWA members Ice Cube, Eazy-E and Dr Dre on-screen. Heller is seen encouraging Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson Jr.) to accept a cheque in order to sign a contract without involving his lawyer. He also sides regularly with business partner Eazy-E, played by Jason Mitchell, and is seen being fired by E after Ice Cube only agrees to reunite if Jerry Heller is not involved.

Heller is suing Universal Studios, production company Legendary Pictures, director F. Gary Gray and producers Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. Denying responsibility for NWA's break up, he also claims never offering Ice Cube a $75,000 cheque and never being fired by Eazy-E.

"The insidiousness of defendants' behaviour is underscored by the fact that the film may become the largest globally grossing music-story based film ever," reads Heller's complaint. "The larger the success of the film, the greater the damages to plaintiff, who has been and continues to be defamed, ridiculed and robbed of his personal and financial rights to the extent that the intentional and egregious behaviour of defendants demands the imposing of punitive damages."