We have more casting news on Quentin Tarantino's tale of murder amongst a changing late ‘60s Hollywood landscape, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Girls alum comedian Lena Dunham, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's daughter Maya Hawke, Austin Butler, and Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo have all signed on for the production.

This augments an already all-star cast including Margot Robbie, Timothy Olyphant, Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Burt Reynolds, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Kurt Russell, Emile Hirsch, Luke Perry, Damian Lewis, James Marsden, Dakota Fanning, Keith Jefferson, Clifton Collins Jr.and Nicholas Hammond.

Catch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood July 26, 2019 in the US and August 9, 2019 in the UK and stay with The 405 for more as we hear it.