First Reformed filmmaker Paul Schrader may be 72, but he is still moving quite well with his work.

At the last award’s Q & A for First Reformed, he gave a bit of insight on his next project which he has secured funding for and plans to shoot this summer, calling it "a neo-meta western."

Its title? Nine Men from Now. It appears to be more of a commentary on and deconstruction of film history – something that Schrader is expert at and called in his 1972 book, "transcendental style."  

"Basically, if you took a script from 1956 that Budd Boetticher made with Randolph Scott, and you asked Terry Malick and David Lynch to come in and take a shit on the script, you would have the movie I'm making," Schrader said.

The 1956 project in question is called 7 Men from Now (starring Lee Marvin) and is a western about a lawman tracking down 7 suspects who pulled off a lethal robbery. Yet, this isn't enough for the brave cinematic legend Schrader is – he wants the lawman and the baddie to switch roles halfway through, as he told Deadline January 4.

Records at the University of Texas at Austin from 20 years ago show this is when he thought of the script. First Reformed's Ethan Hawke was originally attached but no longer is. Willem Dafoe – however – was attached to the project at the same time and reportedly still is.

The shooting schedule and distribution plans on Nine Men from Now have yet to be finalized but stay with The 405 for more as we hear it.