Orson Welles is a favorite director of ours at The 405 Film. From the scathing satire of Citizen Kane, to the trippy expressionist thriller The Lady from Shanghai, to his brave, Hays Code-challenging noir western Touch of Evil, Welles is hands down one of the most gifted film-makers to ever step behind the camera.

Still, Welles left his last film, The Other Side of the Wind, unfinished when he died in 1985 at age 70 of a heart attack. Netflix announced last March that it had acquired the necessary rights to finish the film. It was until this deal that the over 1,000 negatives for The Other Side of the Wind sat in a Paris vault which was then opened that a team of editors – led by Oscar-winner Bob Murawski – may get to work.

The film, which tells the story of legendary director John Huston attempting to mount a comeback in the new Hollywood landscape, was beset with financial difficulties from 1970 to 1976 and ultimately languished. There were rumors it was going to show at Cannes this year, but the new rule on French theater distribution for Festival films nixed that idea.

Now, The Other Side of the Wind's producer Frank Marshall (who worked on it in the '70s too) is saying the film will be ready this fall and will see theatrical distribution – although the fine details have yet to be worked out.

Stay tuned to The 405 for more on this as we hear it.