Quentin Tarantino is angry. He's angry because of Disney. Specifically he's angry because his new film The Hateful Eight won't be getting a regular showing at the iconic Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, which is where it was initially premiered.

He feels personally attacked; speaking to Howard Sterne on his Sirius XM show, he claimed that Disney are "going out of their way to fuck me."

Tarantino says he had a deal with Dome operators, ArcLight Cinemas, wherein his film would start running at the cinema from Christmas Day onwards. Now Disney is threatening to pull The Force Awakens, which premiered yesterday, out of all cinemas under ArcLight's umbrella unless their film is given precedence over Tarantino's. On paper, not a big deal, but the director apparently loves ArcLight, especially the Cinerama Dome, so is pretty pissed of about it.

"It’s vindictive, it’s mean and it’s extortion," he continued.

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