We're very excited for next week. Not because 9 Lives finally comes out--well, we are excited about that, but this is way more exciting: Monday is the next Central DOCS Club screening at Picturehouse Central!

If you recall, our last club meeting was for Author: The JT Leroy Story. It was our first ever Central DOCS Club and we made new friends, learned a lot, and realized we wanted to go on Oprah with Courtney Love.

This Monday's screening is The Confession, directed by Ashish Ghadiali.

"I wasn't anti-state; the state was anti-me." So states Moazzam Begg - the controversial British Pakistani detained at Bagram and Guantanamo in the early noughties - in this revealing, often shocking documentary. Built around a candid interview with Begg in which he makes a compelling case for his innocence - explaining his actions and sympathies were born of curiosity and resistance to Western media - the film provides a fascinatingly personal, first-hand insight into over a decade of escalating tensions in the Middle East. Echoing the style of interview docs The Fog Of War and The Fear Of 13, the film's intimate format provides a breadth of psychological insight into this complex, often contradictory figure, a victim of unprecedented state violence who still professes a degree of support for Islamic jihad.

The trailer alone is chilling and intense. The Guardian called it "profound" and ScreenDaily said, "It is [a] constantly shifting balance of sympathies that make the film so intriguing, especially when it comes to his description of what happened during the three years he spent at Guantanamo Bay." We've also been following the documentary on its tour, where there have been compelling Q&As:

This documentary packs a punch and we imagine it will make for a very interesting discussion afterward. And whether we're watching a controversial documentary like The Confession or something a little more weird (like our next Central DOCS Club screening, Tickled), our goal is to keep the discussions engaging and welcoming for all voices and points of view. We're all about respect at Central DOCS Club. Respect and cakes. (But mostly respect.)

So what are you doing Monday 15 August at 6:30? Yup, coming to Central DOCS Club. You've got it, good job.