So far, Vince Gilligan's untitled Breaking Bad movie has been rather shrouded in secrecy.

Now Deadline is reporting that sources told them the film will be airing on both AMC and Netflix, which also carries the original series. Sources have also said that it may be Netflix taking point with the film and AMC airing it in that second spot – a reversal of the show's original arrangement.

Still, this arrangement is fitting. "I think Netflix kept us on the air," creator Gilligan said when he accepted the series' Emmy win. "Not only are we standing up here, I don't think our show would have even lasted beyond Season 2. … It's a new era in television, and we've been very fortunate to reap the benefits."

Not much is known so far about the film. It is speculated that it will be a sequel with series regular Aaron Paul reprising his role from the show. People have been speculating as to this for a little bit, after a project named "Greenbriar" (likely a fictitious name intended to act as a red herring) was listed as starting production in November with the New Mexico film office. The New Mexico Film Office has not confirmed that Greenbriar is Breaking Bad.

The Albuquerque Journal reported last fall that Greenbriar’s logline follows a kidnapped man as he scrapes for his freedom. Fans have been speculating that that man is Paul's character, meth cook Jesse Pinkman, and that the events of the film happen directly after the series finale, making it a sequel.

Stay tuned for more on the Breaking Bad movie as we hear it.