After what seemed like months and months of ever-continuing unconfirmed suspicion, actor Ryan Gosling seems to have finally confirmed rumors that he will be starring in the much-anticipated sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner.

During a press tour for the recently finished film The Nice Guys - directed by Shane Black - Gosling finally admitted his role in the new film, jokingly saying, "there's a chip in me and if I say anything more I'll explode if I say anything else." The full interview can be seen below.

The sequel will begin shooting next year, directed by Denis Villenueve, who's been steadily rising among the premier director circles for his recent films Prisoners and Sicario. The film's original star Harrison Ford will also be featured in the new film, confirming that Ford is still as viable as he was in the early '80s. Release details are currently available.

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