Almost 1 million people become victims of sex trafficking each year. Once, Jennifer Kempton became one of them.

Sold to a local gang in Ohio for drugs and money by the man she thought was the love of her life, Kempton's story is a excruciatingly painful yet inspiring story of empowerment. The Grammy and the Globe nominated songwriter Scott McFarnon narrates her journey in the video made for his latest release 'Crazy Heart', the first track from his upcoming EP.

Directed by the German-American filmmaker Floyd Russ, the four-minute short film follows Kempton's transformation. She goes from being a woman in love to a victim of sexual abuse and psychological torture. It is a film that is hard to watch, a reminiscent of the gritty reality found in the likes of This is England and Fish Tank. It does not play on the mindless imagery found in chart-topping videos but functions as a tool of female empowerment.

After six years of enslavement, Kempton regained her freedom. As the video draws to a close, we see her covering up the tattoos made by her abusers with beautifully metaphorical blossoming flowers. Kempton now runs a charity Survivor's Ink that functions as a supportive platform for the survivors of human trafficking and offers a donation funded scheme to cover-up tattoos and replace slavery brands.

"When discussing the creative for the video, we were exploring tattoos and the current trends around them. We came across the fact that tattoos can be devastating for people and are frequently used to brand victims of human trafficking and we decided that it was important to bring attention to the amazing work Jennifer is doing in Ohio. This is a very tough subject, but if we can educate people through music then I hope we can make a small difference. I wanted to help Jennifer raise awareness for what she is doing - Survivor's Ink is a grass-roots charity that is in great need of support."

Watch the video for 'Crazy Heart' below and learn more about Survivor's Ink on their website.