Amazon has debuted the first teaser for its take on Tom Clancy's the Jack Ryan saga at the New York Comic-Con.

John Krasinski is Ryan, running supply chain logistics for a large company as a cover for his real work with the CIA.

Executive producer Carlton Cuse has said the show will delve into Islamic terrorism, but “We tried on this show to not just have a bad guy who is a terrorist, but a variety of Muslim characters across the spectrum, and some very heroic characters” – calling the experience of filming in Morroco “wonderful,” and noting that series will not partake in “demonization of Islamic culture.”

Krasinski, who played a defense contractor in Michael Bay's 2016 take on Benghazi, 13 Hours, noted the unexpected political openness of the CIA home base at Langley, Virginia: “They were completely open and honest… a very apolitical place. Saying the CIA investigators as essential to “making sure our freedoms are protected.”

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan also stars Wendell Pierce and Ali Suliman, with Peter Fonda and Timothy Hutton as guest stars. The show will premiere sometime in 2018 on Amazon Prime Video. See the teaser below.