2017 has been a busy year for Stephen King, not just with the massive success of It, but also the multitude of films and TV series on the immortal horror author’s work being produced now.

You may add Castle Rock to the list of those films and TV series, the first teaser of which just dropped at the New York Comic-Con.

Castle Rock stars Bill Skarsgård (yep, Pennywise himself), Melanie Lynskey, Scott Glenn, André Holland, and Sissy Spacek, all of whom (besides Glenn) are playing characters new to the Stephen King multi-verse.

Spacek said on the panel, “I was afraid I might never have the opportunity to do something this twisted again… It’s kind of an homage to Stephen King — and I owe Stephen King a lot.”

Castle Rock hits Hulu sometime in 2018. Stay tuned to The 405 for more on this and catch the teaser below.