Cinema in so many ways is an experiment. As such, it doesn't just take time, star power, cash, and equipment to get right. It quite often takes guts, gusto, bravery, and recognizing that failure is very often a step toward success.

The first feature-length movie carrying the name of “Francis Coppola” (the “Ford” wasn't added yet), as director, was 1963’s Dementia 13, a low-budget experimental horror flick about an old money family who gathers at their decaying Dickensian estate for a most bizarre ritual of remembrance for their sister Kathleen, who died accidentally at a very young age.

This year is different though – very different. When a masked, axe wielding maniac shows up at the estate intent on murder, who will live and what secrets will be uncovered?

Julia Campanelli as Gloria Haloran in the thriller horror film “DEMENTIA 13” a Chiller Films release. Photo courtesy of Chiller Films.

I will be interviewing one of the stars of the new Dementia 13 (via Chiller Films), Julia Campanelli, who plays the part of the seemingly mad, world-weary, and tormented former socialite Gloria Haloran (the similar character in Coppola’s original was played by Eithne Dunne).

Julia has quite the impressive CV in film and theater. Yet, she has also done quite a bit to break gender barriers in the sports world, having won a bronze medal at the young age of 13 in the Adult Women's US East Coast Judo Championships. She then “took on the Maryland educational system and broke the gender barrier in sports in the US by becoming the first girl to play on a boys’ soccer team” Julia's team won the league championship that year.

My interview with Julia will be out Friday, Sep. 29. My look at the film will be out the week of Oct. 6 (it is far from your typical remake). For now, enjoy the trailer below.