In the era of Donald Trump, a President who has advocated censorship and who has exhibited a rather relentless hatred of a free press, print and otherwise – and with what also seems like a rampant hatred of some forms of art in certain circles, especially coming from the President and the media allied to himRay Bradbury's seminal, dystopian tale about a book-burning futuristic America is more relevant than ever. If you have never read "Fahrenheit 451", I would highly encourage you to check out the PDF for free here.

The film stars Michael B. Jordan as Guy Montag, the fireman uncomfortable with his role as a law enforcer forced to censor. Michael Shannon, Sofia Boutella, Keir Dullea, Chris Gleason, Martin Donovan, Lilly Singh, Grace Lynn Kung, Joe Pingue, and Sean Jones round out the main cast with Ramin Bahrani directing.

Fahrenheit 451 is expected in Spring 2018, with no exact date set yet. Stay with The 405 for more on the film and enjoy the trailers below.