"After the death of her mother, an estranged daughter struggles to save her brother, and those around her from a malevolent faceless spirit."

Courtesy of production company Phame Factory, Flay features Alita: Battle Angel's Elle LaMont, Violett Beane (The Flash) and Phantasm star A. Michael Baldwin. Dalton Gray (Lazer Team, Dumber and Dumber To), Johnny Walter, Aaron Spivey-Sorrells, Peggy Schott, Kaylee King and Noé de la Garza also star.

In a lawsuit which delayed Pham’s film, Sony claimed Phame Factory’s film was a rip-off of the Slender Man legend, which the studio believed they had exclusive rights to because of their Slender Man movie. As a result of the messy legal tangle, writer, director and producer Eric Pham – noted for stylish visual effects work like creating Sin City’s title sequence and Grindhouse’s (2007) title sequence– opted not to release the film until he met the studio in court.

The crux of Sony’s argument was that Flay’s villain is too similar to their Slender Man, as its release was close to Flay’s original intended 2017 date.

This sameness argument Sony attempted in the suit is particularly interesting – and spurious – because Slender Man’s roots are essentially the same as any other mystical creature, force, etc. It would be absurd to try and claim ownership over a much generalized type of character – for instance, demons, ghosts, zombies (like commercial interests tried to do with the word “zombie” in 1932 with White Zombie starring Bela Lugosi). A myth like Slender Man clearly fits this pattern and is modeled in a unique way by the individual and culture telling the story – a point we clearly see anthropologically if we look at similar stories cross-culturally. Bigfoot versus the Yeti would be an example.

Phame Factory not only won that legal battle and wrapped the suit 2 weeks ago. They also set a April 2 release date for Flay.

"I'm now very happy to say that we obtained a very favorable resolution of this lawsuit and finally have the legal right to release our feature film”, says Eric Pham on behalf of Phame Factory.

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