TNT saw decent success with The Alienist this past year – the show transported the viewers to New York City at the beginning of the 20th Century as a serial killer in the mold of Jack the Ripper (who some say traveled to New York City to continue killing after raising hell across the pond in London's Whitechapel) hunted young homosexual prostitutes and was doggedly pursued by the three main characters the show revolved around: an early forensic shrink or "alienist" (Daniel Brühl), a cartoonist (Luke Evans) and a female employee of the NYPD (Dakota Fanning). The show was incredible in three areas: the mystery and tension created, mise-en-scéne and the acting.

It looks like the network is returning again to this same mystery-murder story well – this time with material based on a true story with I Am the Night. Chris Pine is again teaming with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins for the series (and likely will also be for Wonder Woman 1984).

I Am the Night tells the story of reporter Jay Singletary who happens upon the story of a young woman discovering something very disturbing about her family history. The entire tale is one of redemption and is based on the very real story of Fauna Hodel (who tragically passed away last year at age 66), who after finding out she was adopted, uncovers a twisted, convoluted web that some (including George Hodel's children) think connected her father Dr. George Hill Hodel to LA's infamous and unsolved Black Dahlia Murder of 1947 – where victim Elizabeth Short was surgically bisected, drained of blood, maimed and dumped in urban Los Angeles. Short was labeled "The Black Dahlia" as a reference to the Raymond Chandler-written Fritz Lang-directed The Blue Dahlia which came out not long before the murder and because of Short's black attire. Nevertheless, some who have studied the crime do not buy the idea of Hodel being connected.

Still from Elizabeth Short "Black Dahlia" crime scene. Courtesy

Elizabeth Short.

Dr. George Hill Hodel mugshot.

Sam Sheridan writes I Am the Night – based on Fauna Hodel's autobiography – Jenkins directs the pilot with Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress) taking the helm for multiple episodes. Leland Orser, Jefferson Mays, Dylan Smith, Jay Paulson, Yul Vazquez, Justin Cornwell, and Golden Brooks star alongside Pine.

Catch I Am the Night on TNT in January 2019 and enjoy the trailer below.