Sausage Party, the edgy food-centric animated comedy set for U.S. release August 12th, was almost tagged with the dreaded NC-17 rating, according to one of the film's creators and star Seth Rogen.

Alongside his frequent filmmaking partner Evan Goldberg (together the two wrote notable films like Superbad, Pineapple Express, and the current AMC TV series Preacher), the very adult-oriented comedy had to apparently pull back one specific character design in order to avoid the rating. Rogen spoke on the Howard Stern Show describing what happened.

He says; "Our fear was that it would then create this big negotiation process where we ultimately had to butcher the fucking thing, ya know?" Rogen said of the MPAA’s first decision, which was indeed NC-17. The big point of contention was the already-infamous eight-minute long orgy scene near the end of the film. But when Robin Quivers asked if they were surprised with what the MPAA ultimately allowed for an R rating, Rogen had to laugh. "We probably added six things into the orgy that we were like, 'OK, these are like our sacrificial lambs,'" he said. "They are the chips that we’re willing to lose. And we lost like an eighth of one of them."

For those unfamiliar, the principle issue with getting an NC-17 rating is that many theaters will not host the film upon its release. Essentially, it's a death sentence in terms of revenue.

Sausage Party hits U.S. theaters August 12th.