At the time of writing this article, Fact Checkers Unit is a series with two seasons to its name. However, In 2008 it was a short film.

FCU: Fact Checkers Unit follows two guys (Dylan and Russell) who work as fact checker's for a magazine. Their latest challenge was to answer a simple question: does Bill Murray drink warm milk before going to bed or not?

Bill Murray is no doubt one of the funniest actors around, so it certainly makes sense that he would be asked to appear in the short, but why out of all the potential celebrities that could've been cast to play themselves in the short does Murray seem like the logical choice?

Well, when you think about it, Bill Murray has to be a fact checker's ultimate challenge; the man has managed to create a public image of unpredictability and mystery. Hell, there's even a website dedicated to urban legends focussed on first-person accounts of Bill Murray unexpectedly appearing at places and doing unexpected things, often with Bill telling the person that no one will ever believe them when they tell their story. While many of these stories are obviously fabricated and fictional, some are suspected to be true. And after all, who could say they aren't? Murray has neither an agent or manager, which makes fact-checking tricky.

In contrast to what I've discussed so far, Murray's performance in FCU: Fact Checkers Unit isn't completely wacky, though. While fact checkers Dylan and Russell are very over the top and goofy, Murray comes off as very mellow – the straight man to the duo's silliness. However, Murray's mellow straight man act is not without humor either, as his calmness and lack of reaction to the situation at hand makes it come off as comedically bizarre.

Whether he's outright hilarious in a comedy like Ghostbusters, serious and dramatic in a film like Lost in Translation, or just himself in an interview or a recounted story by someone else, I think we can all agree on one thing: he's certainly never boring.